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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Bio Informatics

IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects :: Bio Informatics – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Bio Informatics

ETPL – BI 001 RNA Secondary Structure Prediction Using Soft Computing
ETPL – BI 002 A Simple Fixed Parameter Tractable Algorithm for Computing the Hybridization Number of Two (Not Necessarily Binary) Trees
ETPL – BI 003 DALIX: Optimal DALI Protein Structure Alignment
ETPL – BI 004 Growing Seed Genes from Time Series Data and Thresholded Boolean Networks with Perturbation
ETPL – BI 005 Inference of the Genetic Network Regulating Lateral Root Initiation in Arabidopsis thaliana
ETPL – BI 006 Mathematical Properties of the Deep Coalescence Cost
ETPL – BI 007 Mining Minimal Motif Pair Sets Maximally Covering Interactions in a Protein-Protein Interaction Network
ETPL – BI 008 Multiclass Gene Selection Using Pareto-Fronts
ETPL – BI 009 Parametric Estimation of the Local False Discovery Rate for Identifying Genetic Associations
ETPL – BI 010 Probabilistic Biological Network Alignment
ETPL – BI 011 Rearrangement-Based Phylogeny Using the Single-Cut-or-Join Operation
ETPL – BI 012 SP-Dock: Protein-Protein Docking Using Shape and Physicochemical Complementarity
ETPL – BI 013 SuperQ: Computing Supernetworks from Quartets
ETPL – BI 014 The Depth Problem: Identifying the Most Representative Units in a Data Group
ETPL – BI 015 The Receiver Operational Characteristic for Binary Classification with Multiple Indices and Its Application to the Neuroimaging Study of Alzheimer’s Disease
ETPL – BI 016 Using the Maximum Between-Class Variance for Automatic Gridding of cDNA Microarray Images
ETPL – BI 017 An Algorithmic Game-Theory Approach for Coarse-Grain Prediction of RNA 3D Structure
ETPL – BI 018 Genomic Region Operation Kit for Flexible Processing of Deep Sequencing Data
ETPL – BI 019 HapBoost: A Fast Approach to Boosting Haplotype Association Analyses in Genome-Wide Association Studies
ETPL – BI 020 High-Throughput Compression of FASTQ Data with SeqDB
ETPL – BI 021 Identifying Spurious Interactions and Predicting Missing Interactions in the Protein-Protein Interaction Networks via a Generative Network Model
ETPL – BI 022 Improved Algorithms for Matching r-Separated Sets with Applications to Protein Structure Alignment


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