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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Grid Computing

IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects :: Grid Computing – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Grid Computing

ETPL – GC 001

Smart Grid Last-Mile Communications Model and Its Application to the Study of Leased Broadband Wired-Access

ETPL – GC 002

Performance Analysis of Multiuser Selection Scheme in Dynamic Home Area Networks for Smart Grid Communications

ETPL – GC 003

Optimizations of Power Consumption and Supply in the Smart Grid: Analysis of the Impact of Data Communication Reliability

ETPL – GC 004

Smart Grid Communication: Its Challenges and Opportunities

ETPL – GC 005

Scalable Solutions of Markov Games for Smart-Grid Infrastructure Protection

ETPL – GC 006

A Communication-Based Appliance Scheduling Scheme for Consumer-Premise Energy Management Systems

ETPL – GC 007

Decentralized Controls and Communications for Autonomous Distribution Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 008

Priority-Based Traffic Scheduling and Utility Optimization for Cognitive Radio Communication Infrastructure-Based Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 009

Time Synchronization Attack in Smart Grid: Impact and Analysis

ETPL – GC 010

Toward SWSs Discovery: Mapping from WSDL to OWL-S Based on Ontology Search and Standardization Engine

ETPL – GC 011

Battery Status-aware Authentication Scheme for V2G Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 012

Dependable Demand Response Management in the Smart Grid: A Stackelberg Game Approach

ETPL – GC 013

Reliable Wireless Communication Networks for Demand Response Control A Generic Query Model for the Unified Discovery of Heterogeneous Services

ETPL – GC 014

UDP: Usage-Based Dynamic Pricing With Privacy Preservation for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 015

Detecting Critical Nodes in Interdependent Power Networks for Vulnerability Assessment

ETPL – GC 016

Proactive and Reactive Runtime Service Discovery: A Framework and Its Evaluation

ETPL – GC 017

Bad Data Injection Attack and Defense in Electricity Market Using Game Theory Study

ETPL – GC 018

An Empirical Study of Communication Infrastructures Towards the Smart Grid: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation,

ETPL – GC 019

Trust System Design Optimization in Smart Grid Network Infrastructure

ETPL – GC 020

A Decentralized Security Framework for Data Aggregation and Access Control in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 021

Reliability Analysis of Substation Automation System Functions Using PRMs

ETPL – GC 022

Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite Service Selection

ETPL – GC 023

Exploring Malicious Meter Inspection in Neighborhood Area Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 024

Modeling Cyber-Physical Vulnerability of the Smart Grid With Incomplete Information

ETPL – GC 025

Outage-Storage Tradeoff in Frequency Regulation for Smart Grid With Renewables

ETPL – GC 026

Multilayer Consensus ECC-Based Password Authenticated Key-Exchange (MCEPAK) Protocol for Smart Grid System

ETPL – GC 027

Relay-Aided Amplify-and-Forward Powerline Communications

ETPL – GC 028

A Noninvasive Threat Analyzer for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 029

Taming Uncertainties in Real-Time Routing for Wireless Networked Sensing and Control

ETPL – GC 030

Sensing-Performance Tradeoff in Cognitive Radio Enabled Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 031

Optimizing Electric Vehicle Charging With Energy Storage in the Electricity Market

ETPL – GC 032

Stability Enhancement of Decentralized Inverter Control Through Wireless Communications in Microgrids

ETPL – GC 033

Privacy-Aware Profiling and Statistical Data Extraction for Smart Sustainable Energy Systems

ETPL – GC 034

Multi-Objective Optimal Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 035

Advanced Power Distribution System Configuration for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 036

Smart Operation of HVDC Systems for Large Penetration of Wind Energy Resources

ETPL – GC 037

Operation Schemes of Smart Distribution Networks With Distributed Energy Resources for Loss Reduction and Service Restoration

ETPL – GC 038

Design of Smart Distribution Management System for Obtaining Real-Time Security Analysis and Predictive Operation in Korea

ETPL – GC 039

Price Elasticity of Demand Modeling With Economic Effects on Electricity Markets Using an Agent-Based Model

ETPL – GC 040

Power Scheduling of Distributed Generators for Economic and Stable Operation of a Microgrid

ETPL – GC 041

State Estimation for Supervisory Monitoring of Substations

ETPL – GC 042

Study of the Effectiveness of a Korean Smart Transmission Grid Based on Synchro-Phasor Data of K-WAMS

ETPL – GC 043

Modified Dynamic Phasor Estimation Algorithm for the Transient Signals of Distributed Generators

ETPL – GC 044

DSM Considered Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation and an Information System for Power Systems Including Wind Turbine Generators

ETPL – GC 045

A Quantitative Analysis on Future World Marketability of HTS Power Industry

ETPL – GC 046

An Information-Theoretic Approach to PMU Placement in Electric Power Systems

ETPL – GC 047

Analysis of Frequency Dynamics in Power Grid: A Bayesian Structure Learning Approach

ETPL – GC 048

Harmonic state estimation through optimal monitoring systems

ETPL – GC 049

Fuzzy Control of Distributed PV Inverters/Energy Storage Systems/Electric Vehicles for Frequency Regulation in a Large Power System

ETPL – GC 050

Reinforcement Learning Based Real-Time Wide-Area Stabilizing Control Agents to Enhance Power System Stability

ETPL – GC 051

Intelligent Local Area Signals Based Damping of Power System Oscillations Using Virtual Generators and Approximate Dynamic Programming

ETPL – GC 052

Optimized Control of DFIG-Based Wind Generation Using Sensitivity Analysis and Particle Swarm Optimization

ETPL – GC 053

A Multi-Timescale Scheduling Approach for Stochastic Reliability in Smart Grids With Wind Generation and Opportunistic Demand

ETPL – GC 054

Hybrid Approach for Power System Operational Planning With Smart Grid and Small-Signal Stability Enhancement Considerations

ETPL – GC 055

Contingency-Based Nodal Market Operation Using Intelligent Economic Alarm Processor

ETPL – GC 056

Energy Load Forecasting Using Empirical Mode Decomposition and Support Vector Regression

ETPL – GC 057

A Noninvasive Threat Analyzer for Advanced Metering Infrastructure in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 058

A Game Theory Strategy to Integrate Distributed Agent-Based Functions in Smart Grids

ETPL – GC 059

A SAX-Based Advanced Computational Tool for Assessment of Clustered Rooftop Solar PV Impacts on LV and MV Networks in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 060

On Improving Distortion Power Quality Index in Distributed Power Grids

ETPL – GC 061

Smart Grid Communication: Its Challenges and Opportunities

ETPL – GC 062

Day-Ahead Resource Scheduling Including Demand Response for Electric Vehicles

ETPL – GC 063

Modified Particle Swarm Optimization Applied to Integrated Demand Response and DG Resources Scheduling

ETPL – GC 064

Comprehensive Real-Time Microgrid Power Management and Control With Distributed Agents

ETPL – GC 065

Biogeography Based Optimal State Feedback Controller for Frequency Regulation of a Smart Microgrid

ETPL – GC 066

Economic Analysis and Power Management of a Small Autonomous Hybrid Power System (SAHPS) Using Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO) Algorithm

ETPL – GC 067

Advanced Metering for Phase Identification, Transformer Identification, and Secondary Modeling

ETPL – GC 068

A Multiagent Modeling and Investigation of Smart Homes With Power Generation, Storage, and Trading Features

ETPL – GC 069

Smart Personal Sensor Network Control for Energy Saving in DC Grid Powered LED Lighting System

ETPL – GC 070

The Impact of Load Characterization on the Average Properties of Statistical Models for Powerline Channels

ETPL – GC 071

An Intelligent Home Energy Management System to Improve Demand Response

ETPL – GC 072

Adaptive Negotiation Agent for Facilitating Bi-Directional Energy Trading Between Smart Building and Utility Grid,

ETPL – GC 073

Optimal Planning and Routing in Medium Voltage PowerLine Communications Networks

ETPL – GC 074

A Scalable Three-Step Approach for Demand Side Management of Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

ETPL – GC 075

Using ICT-Controlled Plug-in Electric Vehicles to Supply Grid Regulation in California at Different Renewable Integration Levels

ETPL – GC 076

Efficient Computation of Sensitivity Coefficients of Node Voltages and Line Currents in Unbalanced Radial Electrical Distribution Networks

ETPL – GC 077

Power Flow Optimization for Smart Microgrids by SDP Relaxation on Linear Networks

ETPL – GC 078

Simulative Comparison of Multiprotocol Label Switching and OpenFlow Network Technologies for Transmission Operations

ETPL – GC 079

Multi-Agent Based Hierarchical Hybrid Control for Smart Microgrid

ETPL – GC 080

Electric Vehicle Mobility in Transmission-Constrained Hourly Power Generation Scheduling

ETPL – GC 081

Optimal Control of End-User Energy Storage

ETPL – GC 082

Distribution Power Flow Management Utilizing an Online Constraint Programming Method

ETPL – GC 083

Fully Distributed Coordination of Multiple DFIGs in a Microgrid for Load Sharing

ETPL – GC 084

Residential Distribution System Harmonic Compensation Using PV Interfacing Inverter

ETPL – GC 085

Distributed Control of the Power Supply-Demand Balance

ETPL – GC 086

Cyber-Physical Security Testbeds: Architecture, Application, and Evaluation for Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 087

On the Exact Solution to a Smart Grid Cyber-Security Analysis Problem

ETPL – GC 088

Demand-Side Management via Distributed Energy Generation and Storage Optimization

ETPL – GC 089

Automatic Distributed Voltage Control Algorithm in Smart Grids Applications

ETPL – GC 090

IGDT Based Robust Decision Making Tool for DNOs in Load Procurement Under Severe Uncertainty

ETPL – GC 091

Energy Imbalance Management Using a Robust Pricing Scheme

ETPL – GC 092

Estimating the Impact of Electric Vehicle Smart Charging on Distribution Transformer Aging

ETPL – GC 093

Design Considerations of a Centralized Load Controller Using Thermostatically Controlled Appliances for Continuous Regulation Reserves

ETPL – GC 094

Applications and Trends of High Performance Computing for Electric Power Systems: Focusing on Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 095

Uncertainty-Aware Household Appliance Scheduling Considering Dynamic Electricity Pricing in Smart Home

ETPL – GC 096

Optimized Thermal and Electrical Scheduling of a Large Scale Virtual Power Plant in the Presence of Energy Storages

ETPL – GC 097

Optimal Design of Grid-Connected PEV Charging Systems With Integrated Distributed Resources

ETPL – GC 098

Achieving Optimality and Fairness in Autonomous Demand Response: Benchmarks and Billing Mechanisms

ETPL – GC 099

A Market Based Scheme to Integrate Distributed Wind Energy

ETPL – GC 100

A Microgrid Energy Management System Based on the Rolling Horizon Strategy

ETPL – GC 101

Tackling the Load Uncertainty Challenges for Energy Consumption Scheduling in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 102

Energy and Performance Management of Green Data Centers: A Profit Maximization Approach

ETPL – GC 103

A Multi Charging Station for Electric Vehicles and Its Utilization for Load Management and the Grid Support

ETPL – GC 104

Multi-Objective Optimization for the Operation of an Electric Distribution System With a Large Number of Single Phase Solar Generators

ETPL – GC 105

A Versatile Clustering Method for Electricity Consumption Pattern Analysis in Households

ETPL – GC 106

Aggregation Model-Based Optimization for Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy

ETPL – GC 107

Detecting and Locating Faulty Nodes in Smart Grids Based on High Frequency Signal Injection

ETPL – GC 108

Wireless Network Design for Transmission Line Monitoring in Smart Grid

ETPL – GC 109

Reliability Modeling and Evaluation of Power Systems With Smart Monitoring

ETPL – GC 110

A Novel Hierarchical Section Protection Based on the Solid State Transformer for the Future Renewable Electric Energy Delivery and Management (FREEDM) System

ETPL – GC 111

An Initial Investigation for Locating Self-Clearing Faults in Distribution Systems

ETPL – GC 112

Optimal Integration of Phasor Measurement Units in Power Systems Considering Conventional Measurements

ETPL – GC 113

Identification of Critical Components for Voltage Stability Assessment Using Channel Components Transform

ETPL – GC 114

Application of Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation Techniques on Real-World Data

ETPL – GC 115

Primary Frequency Response From Electric Vehicles in the Great Britain Power System

ETPL – GC 116

Evaluation of Semiconductor Based Methods for Fault Isolation on High Voltage DC Grids

ETPL – GC 117

The Impact of Solid State Fault Current Limiter on Power Network With Wind-Turbine Power Generation

ETPL – GC 118

The Study of a Regional Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Negotiation-Based Wide-Area Backup Protection Multi-Agent System

ETPL – GC 119

Wide-Area Traveling Wave Fault Location System Based on IEC61850

ETPL – GC 120

Using a Distributed Agent-Based Communication Enabled Special Protection System to Enhance Smart Grid Security


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