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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Web Services

IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects :: Web Services – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Web Services

ETPL – WS 001

A Memory-based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Recommending Semantic Web Services

ETPL – WS 002

Toward Trustworthy Coordination of Web Services Business Activities

ETPL – WS 003

Converged access of IMS and web services: A virtual client model

ETPL – WS 004

Personalized QoS-Aware Web Service Recommendation and Visualization

ETPL – WS 005

Cloud Implementation of a Full Hyperspectral Unmixing Chain Within the NASA Web Coverage Processing Service for EO-1

ETPL – WS 006

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Cobol System Migration to Web Services

ETPL – WS 007

Design and Implementation of a Web-Service-Based Public-Oriented Personalized Health Care Platform

ETPL – WS 008

Web-Scale Service Delivery for Smart Cities

ETPL – WS 009

Effective Message-Sequence Generation for Testing BPEL Programs

ETPL – WS 010

Toward SWSs Discovery: Mapping from WSDL to OWL-S Based on Ontology Search and Standardization Engine

ETPL – WS 011

Ev-LCS: A System for the Evolution of Long-Term Composed Services

ETPL – WS 012

Prototyping Connected Devices for the Internet of Things

ETPL – WS 013

A Generic Query Model for the Unified Discovery of Heterogeneous Services

ETPL – WS 014

A Dynamic Composition and Stubless Invocation Approach for Information-Providing Services

ETPL – WS 015

A Decentralized Service Discovery Approach on Peer-to-Peer Networks

ETPL – WS 016

Dynamic Service Contract Enforcement in Service-Oriented Networks

ETPL – WS 017

Proactive and Reactive Runtime Service Discovery: A Framework and Its Evaluation

ETPL – WS 018

A Novel Method for Calculating Service Reputation

ETPL – WS 019

The AppScale Cloud Platform: Enabling Portable, Scalable Web Application Deployment

ETPL – WS 020

On the Investigation of Cloud-Based Mobile Media Environments With Service-Populating and QoS-Aware Mechanisms

ETPL – WS 021

Message-Efficient Service Management Schemes for MOM-Based UPnP Networks

ETPL – WS 022

Robust Module-Based Data Management

ETPL – WS 023

Efficient Service Skyline Computation for Composite Service Selection

ETPL – WS 024

Predicting Quality of Service for Selection by Neighborhood-Based Collaborative Filtering

ETPL – WS 025

An Enterprise Ontology-Based Approach to Service Specification

ETPL – WS 026

Service Provision Control in Federated Service Providing Systems

ETPL – WS 027

Cost-Based Optimization of Service Compositions

ETPL – WS 028

Distributed Web Systems Performance Forecasting Using Turning Bands Method

ETPL – WS 029

Geo-Store: A Framework for Supporting Semantics-Enabled Location-Based Services

ETPL – WS 030

Resisting Web Proxy-Based HTTP Attacks by Temporal and Spatial Locality Behavio


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