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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | Parallel and Distributed

IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects :: Parallel and Distributed – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: Parallel and Distributed

ETPL – PDS 001 Adaptive Network Coding for Broadband Wireless Access Networks

ETPL – PDS 002

Binary Tree Slotted ALOHA for Passive RFID Tag Anticollision

ETPL – PDS 003

Covering Points of Interest with Mobile Sensor

ETPL – PDS 004

Detection and Localization of Multiple Spoofing Attackers in Wireless Networks

ETPL – PDS 005

Efficient Eager Management of Conflicts for Scalable Hardware Transactional Memory

ETPL – PDS 006

High Performance Resource Allocation Strategies for Computational Economies

ETPL – PDS 007

Mapping a Jacobi Iterative Solver onto a High-Performance Heterogeneous Computer

ETPL – PDS 008

MIN-MAX: A Counter-Based Algorithm for Regular Expression Matching

ETPL – PDS 009

Network Traffic Classification Using Correlation Information

ETPL – PDS 010

Online Real-Time Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multicore System-on-a-Chip

ETPL – PDS 011

Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute-Based Encryption

ETPL – PDS 012

Strategies for Energy-Efficient Resource Management of Hybrid Programming Models

ETPL – PDS 013

Supporting HPC Analytics Applications with Access Patterns Using Data Restructuring and Data-Centric Scheduling Techniques in MapReduce

ETPL – PDS 014

Thermal and Energy Management of High-Performance Multicores: Distributed and Self-Calibrating Model-Predictive Controller

ETPL – PDS 015

Topology Abstraction Service for IP-VPNs

ETPL – PDS 016

A Secure Payment Scheme with Low Communication and Processing Overhead for Multihop Wireless Networks

ETPL – PDS 017

Analysis of Distance-Based Location Management in Wireless Communication Networks

ETPL – PDS 018

Cluster-Based Certificate Revocation with Vindication Capability for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

ETPL – PDS 019

Coloring-Based Inter-WBAN Scheduling for Mobile Wireless Body Area Networks

ETPL – PDS 020

Cross-Layer Design of Congestion Control and Power Control in Fast-Fading Wireless Networks

ETPL – PDS 021

Distributed Data Replenishment

ETPL – PDS 022

Distributed k-Core Decomposition

ETPL – PDS 023

Dynamic Coverage of Mobile Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 024

Exploiting Ubiquitous Data Collection for Mobile Users in Wireless Sensor Network

ETPL – PDS 025

Fast Channel Zapping with Destination-Oriented Multicast for IP Video Delivery

ETPL – PDS 026

Gaussian versus Uniform Distribution for Intrusion Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 027

IDM: An Indirect Dissemination Mechanism for Spatial Voice Interaction in Networked Virtual Environments

ETPL – PDS 028

In-Network Estimation with Delay Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 029

IP-Geolocation Mapping for Moderately Connected Internet Regions

ETPL – PDS 030

Microarchitecture of a Coarse-Grain Out-of-Order Superscalar Processor

ETPL – PDS 031

Mobi-Sync: Efficient Time Synchronization for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 032

A Secure Protocol for Spontaneous Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Creation

ETPL – PDS 033

Bayesian-Inference-Based Recommendation in Online Social Networks

ETPL – PDS 034

CDS-Based Virtual Backbone Construction with Guaranteed Routing Cost in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 035

Characterization and Management of Popular Content in KAD

ETPL – PDS 036

Complete EAP Method: User Efficient and Forward Secure Authentication Protocol for IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs

ETPL – PDS 037

Coordinated Self-Configuration of Virtual Machines and Appliances Using a Model-Free Learning Approach

ETPL – PDS 038

Exploiting Concurrency for Efficient Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 039

Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems Using Fused Data Structures

ETPL – PDS 040

Feasibility of Polynomial-Time Randomized Gathering for Oblivious Mobile Robots

ETPL – PDS 041

Finding All Maximal Contiguous Subsequences of a Sequence of Numbers in O(1) Communication Rounds

ETPL – PDS 042

Geocommunity-Based Broadcasting for Data Dissemination in Mobile Social Networks

ETPL – PDS 043

LOBOT: Low-Cost, Self-Contained Localization of Small-Sized Ground Robotic Vehicles

ETPL – PDS 044

Lower Bound for Node Buffer Size in Intermittently Connected Wireless Networks

ETPL – PDS 045

On-Chip Sensor Network for Efficient Management of Power Gating-Induced Power/Ground Noise in Multiprocessor System on Chip

ETPL – PDS 046

Robust Tracking of Small-Scale Mobile Primary User in Cognitive Radio Networks

ETPL – PDS 047

Scheduling Sensor Data Collection with Dynamic Traffic Patterns

ETPL – PDS 048

Secure SOurce-BAsed Loose Synchronization (SOBAS) for Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 049

A New Progressive Algorithm for a Multiple Longest Common Subsequences Problem and Its Efficient Parallelization

ETPL – PDS 049

A Novel Message Scheduling Framework for Delay Tolerant Networks Routing

ETPL – PDS 050

Attribute-Aware Data Aggregation Using Potential-Based Dynamic Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 051

DCNS: An Adaptable High Throughput RFID Reader-to-Reader Anticollision Protocol

ETPL – PDS 052

Finite-Difference Wave Propagation Modeling on Special-Purpose Dataflow Machine

ETPL – PDS 053

GKAR: A Novel Geographic $(K)$-Anycast Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 054

Heterogeneous Resource Allocation under Degree Constraints

ETPL – PDS 055

Lightweight Location Verification Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 056

Lower and Upper Bounds for Multicasting under Distance Dependent Forwarding Cost Functions

ETPL – PDS 057

ASQUAL: Parallel Techniques for Next Generation Genome Sequence Assembly

ETPL – PDS 058

Query-Log Aware Replicated Declustering

ETPL – PDS 059

RASS: A Real-Time, Accurate, and Scalable System for Tracking Transceiver-Free Object

ETPL – PDS 060

Retrieving Smith-Waterman Alignments with Optimizations for Megabase Biological Sequences Using GPU

ETPL – PDS 061

Scalable and Accurate Graph Clustering and Community Structure Detection

ETPL – PDS 062

Scaling Laws of Cognitive Ad Hoc Networks over General Primary Network Models

ETPL – PDS 063

Self-Adaptation-Based Dynamic Coalition Formation in a Distributed Agent Network: A Mechanism and a Brief Survey

ETPL – PDS 064

SyRaFa: Synchronous Rate and Frequency Adjustment for Utilization Control in Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems

ETPL – PDS 065

A Fast RPC System for Virtual Machines

ETPL – PDS 066

ASAP: Scalable Collision Arbitration for Large RFID Systems

ETPL – PDS 067

Attached-RTS: Eliminating an Exposed Terminal Problem in Wireless Networks

ETPL – PDS 068

CSI-Based Indoor Localization

ETPL – PDS 069

ESWC: Efficient Scheduling for the Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks with Delay Constraint

ETPL – PDS 070

Grouping-Proofs-Based Authentication Protocol for Distributed RFID System

ETPL – PDS 071

Hint-Based Execution of Workloads in Clouds with Nefeli

ETPL – PDS 072

Hypocomb: Bounded-Degree Localized Geometric Planar Graphs for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

ETPL – PDS 073

Link Scheduling for Exploiting Spatial Reuse in Multihop MIMO Networks

ETPL – PDS 074

Managing Overloaded Hosts for Dynamic Consolidation of Virtual Machines in Cloud Data Centers under Quality of Service Constraints

ETPL – PDS 075

Per-Flow Queue Management with Succinct Priority Indexing Structures for High Speed Packet Scheduling

ETPL – PDS 076

POVA: Traffic Light Sensing with Probe Vehicles

ETPL – PDS 077

Resisting Web Proxy-Based HTTP Attacks by Temporal and Spatial Locality Behavior

ETPL – PDS 078

Runtime Contention and Bandwidth-Aware Adaptive Routing Selection Strategies for Networks-on-Chip

ETPL – PDS 079

Self-Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol for Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks

ETPL – PDS 080

Sensor Network Navigation without Locations

ETPL – PDS 081

Survey of Energy-Cognizant Scheduling Techniques

ETPL – PDS 082

The Bodyguard Allocation Problem

ETPL – PDS 083

A 3.42-Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Malleable Tasks under Precedence Constraints

ETPL – PDS 084

DoMaIN: A Novel Dynamic Location Management Solution for Internet-Based Infrastructure Wireless Mesh Networks

ETPL – PDS 085

Aging-Aware Energy-Efficient Workload Allocation for Mobile Multimedia Platforms

ETPL – PDS 086

An Efficient Penalty-Aware Cache to Improve the Performance of Parity-Based Disk Arrays under Faulty Conditions

ETPL – PDS 087

Parallel k-Clique Community Detection on Large-Scale Networks

ETPL – PDS 088

Formal Specification and Runtime Detection of Dynamic Properties in Asynchronous Pervasive Computing Environments

ETPL – PDS 089

GPUs as Storage System Accelerators

ETPL – PDS 090

High-Accuracy TDOA-Based Localization without Time Synchronization

ETPL – PDS 092

ITA: Innocuous Topology Awareness for Unstructured P2P Networks

ETPL – PDS 093

Intelligent Sensor Placement for Hot Server Detection in Data Centers

ETPL – PDS 094

K-Means for Parallel Architectures Using All-Prefix-Sum Sorting and Updating Steps

ETPL – PDS 095

LvtPPP: Live-Time Protected Pseudo partitioning of Multicore Shared Caches

ETPL – PDS 096

LU Factorization with Partial Pivoting for a Multicore System with Accelerators

ETPL – PDS 097

Modeling Propagation Dynamics of Social Network Worms

ETPL – PDS 098

Two Blocks Are Enough: On the Feasibility of Using Network Coding to Ameliorate the Content Availability of BitTorrent Swarms

ETPL – PDS 099

Online Balancing Two Independent Criteria upon Placements and Deletions

ETPL – PDS 100

Scalable Hypergrid k-NN-Based Online Anomaly Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

ETPL – PDS 101

Task Allocation for Undependable Multiagent Systems in Social Networks

ETPL – PDS 102

Virtual Batching: Request Batching for Server Energy Conservation in Virtualized Data Centers


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