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IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects | VLSI

IEEE 2013 Final Year Projects :: VLSI – Titles & Abstracts

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IEEE Titles 2013 :: VLSI

ETPL – VLSI 001 Pragmatic Integration of an SRAM Row Cache in Heterogeneous 3-D DRAM Architecture Using TSV
ETPL – VLSI 002 A Low-Complexity Turbo Decoder Architecture for Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks
ETPL – VLSI 003 Pipelined Radix- 2k Feedforward FFT Architectures
ETPL – VLSI 004 Algorithm and Architecture Design of Bandwidth-Oriented Motion Estimation for Real-Time Mobile Video Applications
ETPL – VLSI 005 STBC-OFDM Downlink Baseband Receiver for Mobile WMAN
ETPL – VLSI 006 Glitch-Free NAND-Based Digitally Controlled Delay-Lines
ETPL – VLSI 007 A High-Efficiency, Wide Workload Range, Digital Off-Time Modulation (DOTM) DC-DC Converter With Asynchronous Power Saving Technique
ETPL – VLSI 008 Formal Verification of Architectural Power Intent
ETPL – VLSI 009 Statistical SRAM Read Access Yield Improvement Using Negative Capacitance Circuits
ETPL – VLSI 010 An Energy-Efficient L2 Cache Architecture Using Way Tag Information Under Write-Through Policy
ETPL – VLSI 011 An Analytical Latency Model for Networks-on-Chip
ETPL – VLSI 012 Built-In Generation of Functional Broadside Tests Using a Fixed Hardware Structure
ETPL – VLSI 013 Checkpointing for Virtual Platforms and SystemC-TLM
ETPL – VLSI 014 Design of a Practical Nanometer-Scale Redundant Via-Aware Standard Cell Library for Improved Redundant Via1 Insertion Rate
ETPL – VLSI 015 Scaling Energy Per Operation via an Asynchronous Pipeline
ETPL – VLSI 016 A High Speed Low Power CAM With a Parity Bit and Power-Gated ML Sensing
ETPL – VLSI 017 Error Detection in Majority Logic Decoding of Euclidean Geometry Low Density Parity Check (EG-LDPC) Codes
ETPL – VLSI 018 Techniques for Compensating Memory Errors in JPEG2000
ETPL – VLSI 019 Spatial Distribution Measurement of Dynamic Voltage Drop Caused by Pulse and Periodic Injection of Spot Noise
ETPL – VLSI 020 Low-Complexity Multiplier for GF(2^{m}) Based on All-One Polynomials
ETPL – VLSI 021 Design and Implementation of an On-Chip Permutation Network for Multiprocessor System-On-Chip
ETPL – VLSI 022 An On-Chip Network Fabric Supporting Coarse-Grained Processor Array
ETPL – VLSI 023 A Very Linear Low-Pass Filter with Automatic Frequency Tuning
ETPL – VLSI 024 A High-Speed Low-Complexity Modified {\rm Radix}-2^{5} FFT Processor for High Rate WPAN Applications
ETPL – VLSI 025 Application Space Exploration of a Heterogeneous Run-Time Configurable Digital Signal Processor
ETPL – VLSI 026 A Unified Graphics and Vision Processor With a 0.89 \mu W/fps Pose Estimation Engine for Augmented Reality
ETPL – VLSI 027 CORDIC Designs for Fixed Angle of Rotation
ETPL – VLSI 028 Application-Driven End-to-End Traffic Predictions for Low Power NoC Design
ETPL – VLSI 029 Thermal-Constrained Task Allocation for Interconnect Energy Reduction in 3-D Homogeneous MPSoCs
ETPL – VLSI 030 A Wide-Range PLL Using Self-Healing Prescaler/VCO in 65-nm CMOS
ETPL – VLSI 031 A Clock Control Strategy for Peak Power and RMS Current Reduction Using Path Clustering
ETPL – VLSI 032 A Fast-Locking All-Digital Deskew Buffer With Duty-Cycle Correction
ETPL – VLSI 033 A Built-In Repair Analyzer With Optimal Repair Rate for Word-Oriented Memories
ETPL – VLSI 034 System-Level Modeling and Analysis of Thermal Effects in Optical Networks-on-Chip
ETPL – VLSI 035 A Study of Tapered 3-D TSVs for Power and Thermal Integrity
ETPL – VLSI 036 Improved Trace Buffer Observation via Selective Data Capture Using 2-D Compaction for Post-Silicon Debug
ETPL – VLSI 037 AC-Plus Scan Methodology for Small Delay Testing and Characterization
ETPL – VLSI 038 A Variation Tolerant Current-Mode Signaling Scheme for On-Chip Interconnects
ETPL – VLSI 039 Modeling and Analysis of Power Distribution Networks in 3-D ICs
ETPL – VLSI 040 A Low-Cost, Systematic Methodology for Soft Error Robustness of Logic Circuits
ETPL – VLSI 041 Low Complexity Out-of-Order Issue Logic Using Static Circuits
ETPL – VLSI 042 Low Latency Systolic Montgomery Multiplier for Finite Field GF(2^{m}) Based on Pentanomials
ETPL – VLSI 043 Power-Up Sequence Control for MTCMOS Designs
ETPL – VLSI 044 Architecture and Design Flow for a Highly Efficient Structured ASIC
ETPL – VLSI 045 Secure Dual-Core Cryptoprocessor for Pairings Over Barreto-Naehrig Curves on FPGA Platform,
ETPL – VLSI 046 In-Situ Method for TSV Delay Testing and Characterization Using Input Sensitivity Analysis
ETPL – VLSI 047 Low-Resolution DAC-Driven Linearity Testing of Higher Resolution ADCs Using Polynomial Fitting Measurements
ETPL – VLSI 048 Low-Cost Error Tolerance Scheme for 3-D CMOS Imagers
ETPL – VLSI 049 Computing Two-Pattern Test Cubes for Transition Path Delay Faults
ETPL – VLSI 050 Integrated Energy-Harvesting Photodiodes With Diffractive Storage Capacitance
ETPL – VLSI 051 Fast Fixed-Outline 3-D IC Floorplanning With TSV Co-Placement
ETPL – VLSI 052 Reactivation Noise Suppression With Sleep Signal Slew Rate Modulation in MTCMOS Circuits
ETPL – VLSI 053 Sub-mW LC Dual-Input Injection-Locked Oscillator for Autonomous WBSNs
ETPL – VLSI 054 Constant Delay Logic Style
ETPL – VLSI 055 A Compact Clock Generator for Heterogeneous GALS MPSoCs in 65-nm CMOS Technology
ETPL – VLSI 056 A Colpitts CMOS Quadrature VCO Using Direct Connection of Substrates for Coupling
ETPL – VLSI 057 A Self-Calibrated DLL-Based Clock Generator for an Energy-Aware EISC Processor
ETPL – VLSI 058 Clamping Virtual Supply Voltage of Power-Gated Circuits for Active Leakage Reduction and Gate-Oxide Reliability
ETPL – VLSI 059 10-bit 30-MS/s SAR ADC Using a Switchback Switching Method
ETPL – VLSI 060 Spur-Reduction Frequency Synthesizer Exploiting Randomly Selected PFD
ETPL – VLSI 061 Gain-Enhanced Monolithic Charge Pump With Simultaneous Dynamic Gate and Substrate Control
ETPL – VLSI 062 Embedding Repeaters in Silicon IPs for Cross-IP Interconnections
ETPL – VLSI 063 RATS: Restoration-Aware Trace Signal Selection for Post-Silicon Validation
ETPL – VLSI 064 Test Patterns of Multiple SIC Vectors: Theory and Application in BIST Schemes
ETPL – VLSI 065 Effective and Efficient Approach for Power Reduction by Using Multi-Bit Flip-Flops
ETPL – VLSI 066 Reconfigurable Accelerator for the Word-Matching Stage of BLASTN
ETPL – VLSI 067 Architecturally Homogeneous Power-Performance Heterogeneous Multicore Systems
ETPL – VLSI 068 Active Filter-Based Hybrid On-Chip DC–DC Converter for Point-of-Load Voltage Regulation
ETPL – VLSI 069 CusNoC: Fast Full-Chip Custom NoC Generation
ETPL – VLSI 070 Cooperating Virtual Memory and Write Buffer Management for Flash-Based Storage Systems
ETPL – VLSI 071 MDC FFT/IFFT Processor With Variable Length for MIMO-OFDM Systems
ETPL – VLSI 072 Current-Reused 2.4-GHz Direct-Modulation Transmitter With On-Chip Automatic Tuning
ETPL – VLSI 073 Reconfigurable Adaptive Singular Value Decomposition Engine Design for High-Throughput MIMO-OFDM Systems
ETPL – VLSI 074 The LUT-SR Family of Uniform Random Number Generators for FPGA Architectures
ETPL – VLSI 075 Exploring the Use of Emerging Nonvolatile Memory Technologies in Future FPGAs,
ETPL – VLSI 076 Broadside and Skewed-Load Tests Under Primary Input Constraints
ETPL – VLSI 077 Supply Noise Suppression by Triple-Well Structure
ETPL – VLSI 078 Software-Based Self Test Methodology for On-Line Testing of L1 Caches in Multithreaded Multicore Architectures
ETPL – VLSI 079 Design of Ternary Logic Combinational Circuits Based on Quantum Dot Gate FETs
ETPL – VLSI 080 Parametric DFM Solution for Analog Circuits: Electrical-Driven Hotspot Detection, Analysis, and Correction Flow
ETPL – VLSI 081 Unified Capture Scheme for Small Delay Defect Detection and Aging Prediction
ETPL – VLSI 082 Novel MIMO Detection Algorithm for High-Order Constellations in the Complex Domain
ETPL – VLSI 083 High-Throughput 0.13- \mu{\rm m} CMOS Lattice Reduction Core Supporting 880 Mb/s Detection
ETPL – VLSI 084 Study of Through-Silicon-Via Impact on the 3-D Stacked IC Layout
ETPL – VLSI 085 Design of Hardware Function Evaluators Using Low-Overhead Nonuniform Segmentation With Address Remapping
ETPL – VLSI 086 Statistical Functional Yield Estimation and Enhancement of CNFET-Based VLSI Circuits
ETPL – VLSI 087 Theoretical Modeling of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplier on LUT-Based FPGAs for Area and Speed,
ETPL – VLSI 088 Architecture for Real-Time Nonparametric Probability Density Function Estimation
ETPL – VLSI 089 Symbolic Moment Computation for Statistical Analysis of Large Interconnect Networks,
ETPL – VLSI 090 C-Based Complex Event Processing on Reconfigurable Hardware
ETPL – VLSI 091 Task Allocation on Nonvolatile-Memory-Based Hybrid Main Memory
ETPL – VLSI 092 BilRC: An Execution Triggered Coarse Grained Reconfigurable Architecture
ETPL – VLSI 093 Block-Circulant RS-LDPC Code: Code Construction and Efficient Decoder Design
ETPL – VLSI 094 Fault Demotion Using Reconfigurable Slack (FaDReS)
ETPL – VLSI 095 MAEPER: Matching Access and Error Patterns With Error-Free Resource for Low Vcc L1 Cache


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